This guideline is a reference for custom fabric preparation.  Formatting your artwork according to these guidelines will allow us to more accurately reporduce artwork, logos, and designs and minimize expense on all fronts.


Please submit current artwork via:
Mail:  DVD, USB and CDs can be mailed to Hospitality Outdoor Fabrics, 9932 Cobblestone Creek Drive, Boynton Beach, FL 33472

File Types

Software / File Formats:
Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Illustrator (AI)
Adobe Photoshop (PSD, TIFF, EPS)
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
Kerkythea (KST)

(performance may vary)
Adobe InDesign (INDD)
QuarkXpress (QXD)
FreeHand (MX FH)

Please Note:  Layered files allow us the ability to obtain better colors, so please don't flatten your file if possible!

Any questions on this, please ask us!

Color Matching

All color matching requires three things (1) a Pantone color to be called out.  (2) a swatch of color to submitted.  (3) which light condition will the final fabric be under.  Our design team will do the rest. 

True spot colors, RGB builds or CMYK colors builds present challenges and will require extra work and associated costs.  Many colors are more likely to be achieved than others due to device limits, however, all Pantone colors are matched to their best possible interpretation for the specific output device.  Hard copies such as photos can be used as targets for color matching.  All critical color matches need to be specifically called out in the file as well as in the body of the email.


Please be sure to include fonts; Postscript fonts are encouraged.  These are often overlooked.  If the font is not available, convert text to outlines.

DPI and File Size

Working in full size is essential to have true ‘bang’ to design.  Set files up at 100ppi at final size while supplying layered files whenever possible.  If the file size is too large to email, you can contact us about FTP options.

Linked Images & Embedded Images

Linked images are preferred

Linked images are placed or imported into a document versus embedded images are placed into the document and then locked.  Linked images allows the information about the original program in which it was created allowing full disclosure on resolution and color.  It also allows the ability of original to be edited or adjusted during the process for optimal output.  Embedded images are completely locked.

Like a design, but want a different color scheme? Have an idea for a design? Need help with a design? Send us an email, we’re happy to help.